Documentary: Miss Representation by Jennifer Sebol Newsome


Watching miss representation was an eye opening experience. I’ve never paid attention or realized how corrupted our view of females is in the media and that we care very little about other women besides their appearances and other shallow factors. Gender bias is definitely deeply rooted in our culture and society where females are judged by their looks and their body. Because when you really look at Hollywood and the films that are being made, you see the same stereotype being portrayed over and over again” We see super hero movies about male protagonist, male leading characters pursuing his dream and accomplishing his goals, etc. But we rarely see female roles doing the same pursuit and yet we also don’t question it. The unfortunate fact is that when we do see a female playing a more powerful role, she is often tied with bitchy, lonely, and cold. 

Powerful female roles are definitely not represented in our society and it’s sad that even though there are more and more female executives and leaders, we seem to still be stuck with the impression that powerful roles are masculine still. It’s important that we gain awareness now and make a difference so our daughters and their daughters don’t suffer from the same stereotype and bias as we do now.


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