Documentary: Ai WeiWei: Never Sorry by Alison Klayman

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei holds a copy of

Ai WeiWei is an artist for his artistic ideas. He rarely produces his own art and he has many people executing his projects at his studio. He’s does not follow any system or rules but he knows what he wants to say and how to say it exactly. He’s statements to the government and the need to human right in china is bold and clear. Although Ai WeiWei didn’t gain his fame until the construction of the birdnest at the world expo. He gained he’s fame world wide after his shocking projects for revealing some of the hidden truth about the earthquake in Sichuan. People often ask why he cares and why he’s willing to sacrifice his own life for transparency, he says “life is more interesting when you put in a little more effort”

Ai WeiWei comes from a family that witnessed the cruel and injustice behavior of the government. His father, Ai Qing was a famous poet and China and was denounced during the anti-rightest movement. I think this is one of the prominent reason why he is so fearless and outspoken. Ai WeiWei voiced his opinions ann makes these issues notable to the public. Living in a democratic society, we often take for granted the freedom and rights that we have. My dad’s family for example, was among one of the many that fled to Taiwan from China after the communist party took over. Until today, despite how advanced China has become, some of the basic human rights issues are still overlooked and that government officials can still get away with so much corruption, brutality, and disrespect of another human.


(Ai Wei Wei and father, Ai Qing)


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