Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden is interviewed

Information can be a two way street, it can be helpful, and extremely harmful. I do think Edward Snowden is very brave to be calling out his own employer, the american government; however, I’m not sure if I feel as strongly as some of the other people about our privacies being invaded. Privacy is an interesting term, and although the definition of this term stayed the save since it’s been invented-I don’t think it stands the same meaning to our generation anymore. I believe the information that the government is collecting can be extremely useful, say if the country is under any type of treat, this information can come in handy. I think what is making people angry is how far our country has gone to collect our personal datas. Essentially there’s nothing private in our lives, no calls, no mails, no private browsing. On the other hand, what did we expect from the internet and technology? I think it’s a but naive to think that “personal” and “Privacy” can be untamed in a world we live in today. There was this misbelief that we had total “freedom” in many things and we are discovering that we are not as free as we once thought. This reminds me of when parents give us rules and curfews in order for our own safety. Although our first instinct might be to rebel, we know deep down that they might be right and this is coming from the love and care they have for us. Same thing with the American Government, we might absolutely hate the idea of them tapping into our personal life, but what if they are doing so to protect us?


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