Book Review: Neil Gaiman’s “Make Good Art” speech.

Neil Gaiman, born in the UK and now lives in the states have always had a passion for reading and books. He started his early career in writing as a journalist and now being known for his comics and multiple genre of work. He then started writing novels, children’s books, televisions, and more. He’s won multiple awards such as: Nebula, Hugo, Book of the year, etc.


Neil Gaiman’s Make Good Art Speech give great advices, especially for those that are starting a new career or just entering the work force. This book is based on the commencement speech he gave at the University of Arts. He said that he never planned and just did what was on his list. You always have to balance your goal and ambition with how you are feeding yourself, this is like having big dreams but also keeping track with the reality. He mentioned multiple times the importance of “Failing” and I think that’s so powerful because we need to be able to embrace failure to be able to success. He had a vision of wha he want to be and do and he encouraged people to keep track of that and not to be lured to something that can be promising but away from your goal. So many of us graduate college without a direction and feeling extremely lost. Some of us starts to panic because we don’t know what we should do or what we want to do. But Gaiman stresses that “when you start out on a career in the arts you have no idea what you are doing.” It’s reassuring that someone as successful as Gaiman believes in the struggle.

It’s hard to pick whats more important: feeding your dream or feeding yourself actually. I think great artists often choice the the first option. We always connect great creative minds and artists with how much they have struggled and pulled through and finally made it after years and years of hardship. As romantic as it sounds, this is something really hard to achieve. Graduating in May, I’m facing this challenge right now with job hunting; constantly trying to balance out what I want and What will actually pay the rent. I considered Neil Gaiman’s advises and decided to give myself a longer term goal and try to make my way there eventually. I know it’s impossible to do my dream job right now and I will most likely not enjoy the work im doing everyday. However, I also know if i want to achieve my goals i will have to fail a couple times and be able to learn my own mistakes before I can make good art.

Video of the speech:


Neil Gaiman’s talk at google-“The Ocean at the End of the Lane”


He won New York Time’s bestseller along with numerous positive reviews with his latest book, “The Ocean at the End of the Lane” This is a book that’s devoted to his wife that started out as a short story that’s based on himself and he’s personal feeling. This short story became a massive novel that was about the search of self identity between childhood and adulthood.


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