Al Wei Wei @ LARGE


If there’s anyone better at stirring up conversations and creating contradictions than the Kardashians, It will be Ai Wei Wei. A Wei Wei is a contemporary artist thats not only known for his art and installation pieces but also for his strong stand against the Chinese government. Because of his bold statements and options, he was arrested and held for almost 3 month in Beijing, his hometown.  He’s father, Ai Qing, was one of the most significant modern Chinese Poet and was denounced by the Chinese government during the anti-rightest movement. The Ai family was forced to move to a labour camp where Ai Wei Wei spend all his childhood days at. Growing up with the first hand experience of how Mao’s Communist government have oppressed it’s people; Ai Wei Wei dedicates most of his art expressing freedom of speech and basic human rights.

The exhibition regarding the US incarceration rate is interesting because it illustrates some of the fundamental issues of this nation using simple visuals and stats. Why do some stares have more prisoner than others? Why are some races more commonly in jail than others? Ai Wei Wei’s work does not guide you through paths of pretty decorative art. Ai Wei Wei’s art is straight forward and it’s constantly asking it’s viewers to be aware of what is happening around us and demonstrating the most brutal truth about some of the limitations of freedom and rights we face in this world.


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