Memeing Altruism


When we think about protest, we no longer think about gun and violent and instead, we might think of words or silent protests. Culture has changed and motivations can be planted in good ways. We are the most impactful factor of ourself, our society, and our planet. I think for years we’ve focused on growth and not noticing what we’ve don’t to our planet, our only planet. We’ve been focusing on quantity and not quality. And there might be an easy solve, as Matthieu Ricard said, “to simply having more consideration for others.” Growing up in a Buddhist family, I’ve always been taught that karma exist and that every action I do and decision i make will come back to me one day. As hard as it may be, the world can be a much better place if we can manage to say good things, do good things, and make better decision. However, goodness sometime is not rewarded in every culture. Some cultures  can view goodness as weakness or useless and people that are not selfish and standing up for him or herself can end up being picked on or being back stabbed. Goodness needs to be rewarded and educated so that people can learn how to achieve altruism, “wish may others be happy and find cause of happiness.” I think meditation is so powerful and that if people can learn to medication on loving kindness and we can make it part of our culture and become an altruism society.

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